In addition to maximizing the preeminent features of science & technology, the other values such as assets, financial resources, management system, capital efficiency... PVEP always aware of soft values, in which corporate culture is one of the core factors, becoming the objective and necessary requirements to ensure competitive strength and stable development. .

Creating a civilized, dynamic, connected, humane working environment and professional community is PVEP's goal and will be the place that every employee of the Corporation desires to join hands together, contribute and grow.

With the attention and concern of the Board of Management, the corporate culture work has been actively implemented at PVEP with the issuance of a code of conduct manual and various forms of propaganda to enhance the awareness and attract the participation and response of employees in every activities. Some of the main contents that are interested and promoted in Corporate Culture at PVEP are: the system of normative documents on corporate culture; adhere to the principles of core values in professional activities, production and business; promoting image and brand identity; strengthening office routine; linking corporate culture with training; improving the cultural - sports activities, the spirit of all workers... In which, mass organizations have launched labor emulation movements, cultural, sport and social activities, creating a joyful and exciting atmosphere for all employees as well as contributing to spread the responsibility and humane lifestyle in all of PVEP.

Along with the integration and exchange with diverse civilizations and cultures in the long journeys of finding oil & gas around the world, learning and absorbing the beauties of each country and environment, PVEP will be increasingly perfecting and enriching the solid corporate culture foundation, as the motivation for the future development of the Corporation.

Some pictures of PVEP's corporate culture activities: