• People


    Our most important resource to bring value and distinction to PVEP’s operations with knowledge, experience, integrity and professionality.

  • Leadership


    The key element to successfully plan and implement every sustainable development goal.

  • Harmony


    The fine culture and typical character of PVEP’s leaders and staffs to help incorporate all the company’s resources.

  • Innovative Diligence


    The precious attribute of each members of PVEP to deal with the complication and diversification of the industry.

  • Safety and Efficiency


    The responsibility to implement effectively every tasks and missions with optimal health protection and risk management.

  • Transparency


    The commitment to ensure the openness, compliance and accountability of the company’s operations, including financial disclosure report, annual audits, etc.

  • Collaboration


    The respect, sincerity, responsibility and willingness to work together in an intellectual endeavour to achieve common objective.