While contributing to national economic development, we place great emphasis on caring for the community and in organizing social activities. Consequently, embracing social responsibility is one of our core values. Hundreds of billions Dong have been spent on poverty eradication and hunger alleviation programs, construction of schools, houses, clinics for the poor and remote areas as well as support for people affected by natural calamities; these are but some programs, just to name a few.

PVEP has been continuing its responsible ways in host countries where we invest. We have made donations to Cubans who suffered from the tropical storms of Gustav and Ike, built a secondary school in Vientiane, helped the Burmese recover from the Nargis storm and Peruvians to recover from earthquakes…

Over the years, in the role of a major member company of PetroVietnam (Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group), PVEP always pays its special attention to the mission of social welfare including supporting physically and mentally for construction of solidarity houses; educational infrastructure; healthcare and hospitals; gratitude programs; aids for sufferers of disasters, flood; and active participating in the protection of sovereignty rights of the sea and island of the country... Along with the main activities of oil & gas exploration and production, this mission has becomes the fine culture of PVEP. 

From 2007 up to present, PVEP has contributed roughly 700 billion VND, equivalent to 35 million USD, to this humane practice.